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Post War Sasuke has to live with Sakura because of lack of housing and he is not trusted. While living with her he goes into the wash room while Sakura is showering by mistake and decides to be selfish and join her. The common greeting is actually quite a novelty to the man, who was on the road for so long, and Sasuke secretly really enjoys being able to say it now — To have somewhere to call his own. No, upon returning to Konoha the Hokage deemed Sasuke a free man under the proviso of supervised living. A certified medical professional would monitor his daily habits and he would be required to attend scheduled therapy.
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So studio pierrot for their new ending song, animated some basic biology. By that I mean they added in some blatant sex references. It is helpful for those people who don't understand basic biology. Sasuke purple and Sakura pink had intercourse, his sperm reached one of her eggs and a new journey began. Their feelings are connected. Until it forms a zygote the circle.
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Lately, Suigetsu and Karin have been a pain for Sasuke, thankfully Jugo has been persuading the group to shut up and just follow Sasuke's o. Do you think he'll visit? Naruto didn't want to leave her alone, all he could think about was Sasuke. He doubted that Sasuke would try and harm her while she was pregnant.
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Sakura's body was filled with anticipation as she walked home. She had been sleeping at work for the past couple of days, and she'd been eating and showering at the hospital as wasn't due home for another eight hours, but when she came upon two medics going at it in the in the on-call room, images of Sasuke filled her mind, and she had to go home. Her hair was still damp from her shower, she was wearing sweatpants, a baggy Uchiha sweatshirt, and shinobi sandals covered her feet. Sakura didn't care what she looked like. She was confident in her powers over her boyfriend.
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