Condom study

In nearly 2, intercourses 14 different types of condoms were tested by 80 heterosexual and seven homosexual volunteer couples. The test couples were generally quite experienced in the use of condoms. It appears that the condoms rarely 1. This means that emphasis must be put on consistency and skill in the use of condoms rather on technical improvements in the promotion of condoms as a means of preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections like HIV. Lubricated condoms and condoms that were not too small were preferred by both users and their partners. Other condom properties were significant but of minor concern for the participants of the study.
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Condom effectiveness

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Condom Use Research Team

Findings of the review: Unprotected sex leads to many unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections STIs. Hence, condom use for dual protection is important and women need counselling on the correct and consistent use of condoms. This review aimed to evaluate comparative studies of behavioural interventions to improve effectiveness of condom use as measured with biological assessments clinically determined pregnancy or STI. The study participants were mostly adolescents or young adult women. A meta-analysis was not performed owing to the varied interventions.
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Condom Use Research Team (KI-CURT)

Studies show that if used correctly, condoms offer strong protection against HIV, as well as having the added benefit of reducing the risk of other STIs. To best protect against HIV they can be used in combination with other prevention methods such as pre-exposure prophylaxis PrEP or an undetectable viral load. You can read an overview of condoms here. Laboratory studies and product testing have shown that reputable condoms tested in the laboratory are completely impermeable to micro-organisms as small as viruses.
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Condoms are a critical public health strategy for disease and pregnancy prevention. But their effectiveness hinges on more than consistent use. Men and women must also use them correctly. Read the survey results. Further, men who experience condom associated erection problems CAEP also report inconsistent condom use and not using condoms for the complete act of intercourse.
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