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Boob sweat is the bane of our existence in the summer, and it can strike at any time you get slightly overheated. Cue the uncomfortable dripping sensation and the rings of underboob moisture showing up like smiley faces on your shirt. Why does this happen? Boobs are generally pretty cool, but boob sweat is definitely a downside. Anna Guanche , a dermatologist and beauty expert. Yep, we feel this on a spiritual level.
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Is Boob Sweat Normal? 8 Things Women Should Know About Sweating ‘Under There’

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Don't Sweat it! 5 Ways to Prevent Boob Sweat - CoBARE

From drenched sports bras that need be thrown into the wash to unsightly wet spots on T-shirts and dresses, underboob sweat can be a nuisance—not to mention, a bit embarrassing. While every woman may experience underboob sweat at some point, it's most common among women with large or ptotic aka droopy breasts, says Alexes Hazen , MD, associate professor in the Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery at New York University Langone. Not only is this plain annoying, but warm, moist skin is an ideal breeding ground for bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections , which can surface in the form of an uncomfortable rash. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to avoid breast sweat. Here are a few solutions worth trying. Bras that extend down toward the abs can also promote sweating," Dr.
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8 Ways to Prevent Breast Sweat

Not exactly sexy, but then again, nor is boob sweat. Pop these under your bra band and the boob-friendly material acts to stop boob sweat in its tracks, and fully absorb it, keeping you dry and comfy Yep - online reviewers do say it's a lot comfier than it looks. If you want a DIY version of the above that's disposable and let's face it, a tad more discreet, turn to pantyliners, as advised by a booby genius at XO Vain.
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Hot yoga. August in the city. It does this by sweating. It often flows from sensitive areas like your groin, butt, and breasts.
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