How many mature eggs ivf

The likelihood of childbirth after in vitro fertilization IVF treatment increases if 18 to 20 eggs are stimulated to mature in a woman's ovaries, a dissertation at Sahlgrenska Academy, Sweden, shows. That is more eggs than the number aimed at in today's IVF treatments. To an increasing extent both in Sweden and internationally, only one fertilized egg, or embryo, is retrieved per treatment occasion. If the treatment results in more high-quality embryos, these can be frozen and used in later attempts.
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Number of eggs retrieved and IVF success rates according to female age

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Increased chances of successful IVF with eggs -- ScienceDaily

When attempting in vitro fertilization , the level of response of the ovaries varies greatly when women take the injectable FSH drugs for ovarian stimulation. This leads to a range of eggs being retrieved at the egg retrieval procedure. Before we stimulate the woman with the FSH containing drugs, antral follicle counts are the best predictor of the response the ovaries will give, and the number of eggs that will be retrieved. To a great extent, the more eggs we have to work with, the greater the chance that IVF will be successful. There are several issues involved with this:. This is another example of decreasing egg quality with increasing female age. As women age, we need more eggs to be able to make IVF work - because of the lower quality of the eggs.
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Increased chances of successful IVF with 18-20 eggs

Shady Grove Fertility, a leader in reproductive medicine and clinical research, published a new study that confirmed that retrieval of larger cohorts of eggs leads to more live births, refuting several recent publications suggesting that milder stimulation and retrieval of smaller egg cohorts maximizes births rates. In a normal ovulation cycle, one egg matures per month. The goal of an in vitro fertilization IVF cycle is to have many mature eggs available.
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Most patients assume, much like math, that our bodies function as an exact science and that taking medication will result in predictable results. During the stimulation process, doctors and patients alike focus on the number of developing follicles, often increasing or decreasing the dosage of medication to get the target number of follicles to develop. This numbers game can be stressful, and patients often expect the number of follicles to always equal the number of eggs retrieved and embryos produced. The human body, however, is not a simple mathematical machine, and things do not necessarily add up exactly in the way we learned math growing up!
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