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Unique Recording Software have modelled a vast array of vintage compressors and EQs and presented the results in a single plug-in. Ditching the big desks and racks of outboard effects in favour of PCs and plug-ins brought undeniable benefits: automation got more sophisticated, track counts grew, space was saved. Yet many engineers felt that something else went by the wayside in the process. The idea behind the channel strip was to put back that missing analogue magic, but in a format that lent itself to the new digital working practices.
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About URS Classic Console Strip - Ableton Forum

Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now. Actually, the CCSPro is like the old way of thinking : from an analog domain perspective. Various companies make great emulations of each of the above classic console channels, and these can be inserted within the virtual mixer. What if you could take an existing session and load a mixer preset — input transformers, compressors, EQs, line amps in busses, and master bus inserts? Emulating different input stages, tape sources, compressor sections, EQ sections and filters, and summing busses, CCSPro architecture allows for newly developed input stages, EQ and compressor models to be added with future version updates.
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URS Classic Console Strip Pro

Like some Waves and UAD plugs, the URS EQs were surprisingly close to the analogue gear on which they were modelled, proving a viable 'stepping stone' for producers yet to make the transition to working fully in the box. Some virtual channel strips notably Metric Halo's had already established themselves. What marked out the URS version as something even better was the obsessive modelling of each stage of the strip, and its dedicated input stage, which - in Bobby's own words - "sets the mood of the compressor". CCSP2 offers even more.
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