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How does personality develop? According to the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud , children go through a series of psychosexual stages that lead to the development of the adult personality. His theory described how personality developed over the course of childhood. While the theory is well-known in psychology, it has always been quite controversial, both during Freud's time and in modern psychology. An erogenous zone is characterized as an area of the body that is particularly sensitive to stimulation.
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Sigmund Freud’s Psychosexual Theory

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Psychosexual development - Wikipedia

Sigmund Freud — is probably the most controversial and misunderstood psychological theorist. There was no such thing as a degree in psychology at the time that he received his education, which can help us understand some of the controversy over his theories today. However, Freud was the first to systematically study and theorize the workings of the unconscious mind in the manner that we associate with modern psychology. In the early years of his career, Freud worked with Josef Breuer, a Viennese physician. Launer, Anna O. He spent 2 years — treating Anna O.
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Psychosexual development

There are three components of the psychic apparatus function on different levels of consciousness, and they interact with each other to generate behavior. The Id is present at birth and represents everything that we inherit from our parents. It comprises our needs that require constant fulfillment and operates on the pleasure principle, as well as the need for immediate gratification, without regard for consequences or realities. The Ego develops as a result of our attempts to satisfy our needs through interactions with our physical and social environment.
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Above, we examined the basic development of libido and psychosexual function. Freud also believed that psychosexual function developed in a series of stages that occur in two waves. The first three stages occur during early childhood, from infancy to about the age of 5. There is then a latency period , which lasts until puberty, after which the final stage, the genital stage , is realized and the individual is capable of physically mature reproductive functioning.
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