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But once he saw the period blood, it for some reason turned him on and we had the best lubricated sex ever! Afterward, we realized we forgot to put a towel down and it left a giant bloodstain on my bed. We changed the sheets and the bed seemed as good as new. Months later, my boyfriend and my parents were helping me move out of my apartment, and when it came to moving my mattress, I completely forgot the bloodstain had seeped down to my crappy mattress. My mother hollered in horror while my boyfriend turned beet red.
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19 Tampon Horror Stories That'll Make You Cringe, Then Gag

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19 Tampon Horror Stories That'll Make You Cringe, Then Gag

Read at your own risk, folks. It was a beautiful week and a beautiful weekend. It was verdant, sun-dappled, horticulture-redolent, exfoliated, affluent, groomed, merry, relaxed, pressed, aspirational, and at its beginning, even fragrant. That would change. It was all so dizzyingly gorgeous I could feel a low-grade panic trickle through my chest.
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14 Tampon Horror Stories That Are Bloody Awful

Getting your period sucks, plain and simple. Your hormones are out of wack, your stomach won't stop cramping, and you're afraid you'll accidentally bleed through your favorite pair of pants. While pads and menstrual cups have their own issues, tampon horror stories are on a whole other level.
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The risk of toxic shock syndrome is always there, and even just putting them in and out can be stressful. Other women shared their stories with us:. Basically I somehow got it up there but when I tried to take it out it got stuck behind my hymen which was apparently substantially still there. It was so so painful, and the string broke when I was trying to pull it out so had to get it out without one. By the time a week had passed I KNEW it must be still there because there was a smell that was alien to me.
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