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Lesbians and Key Rings: a Cultural Love Story

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Astragal | Definition of Astragal at

Three weeks ago, I presented you with a survey about these slippery words , and over 3. These are the demographics of the respondents:. Also, there are slightly more bottoms out there than tops. There was a greater consensus among tops versus bottoms when it comes to preferred acts. Someone who is taking on the responsibility of giving the other party or parties a very good time. Meanwhile, of our bottoms, identify as kinky, and as subs — meaning that subs outnumber doms So, is the alleged Dom Shortage real?
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What Does It Mean to Be a “Top” or a “Dominant” in Lesbian Sex?

Gay Lesbian Rainbow Pride Symbols. What do they mean? The rainbow flag has become the easily-recognized colors of pride for the gay community.
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Lesbian sheepitude is a colloquial term used to describe a situation where a woman or two women are romantically or sexually interested in one another, but are unwilling to display this interest or make moves to pursue a connection. The attraction in lesbian sheepitude may be reciprocated or one sided. The term lesbian sheepitude comes from the behavior of female sheep, who show their sexual interest by standing still. Lesbian sheepitude is sometimes called lesbian sheep syndrome.
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